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Pastor Wellness

Dr. Arch Hart says, “Pastors don’t get into trouble because they forget they are pastors, but because they forget they are persons!” As we all know personal growth is not optional for Pastors. Leading God’s people requires more than just skill.

The Bible says that David shepherded God’s people with a pure heart and guided them with skillful hands. Our growth as a leader includes Heart, Head, Hand, and Habits work.

When we focus the 4 H’s on three primary areas, our own soul, our family relationships, and our ministry competencies we have the beginning of a helpful Pastoral Wellness pathway.

  • The Heart: Why pastors lead – Our motivation for leadership

  • The Head: What pastors think as they lead – Our assumptions and models of leadership

  • The Hands: How pastors get the work done – Our practices of working through others

  • The Habits: How pastors stay on track – Our daily rhythms and commitments

Personal growth as a pastoral leader happens best in community. Jesus’ plan involved gathering a learning community, equipping them, and sending them out to make disciples.  Let's come together & help each other in the trenches of ministry.  Below is a list of several resources you can look into, but please know that I'm always here for you!  - Justin Johnson | AMS



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