To New Beginnings

by Justin Johnson (AMS)

Moving into a new year, for some, can feel overwhelming because they see it as a continuation of all the years they've had before..."It's just another year" they say. While it may be true that we're simply adding up the years, I believe each year brings something new & exciting to look forward to.


As we move into a new season together, I look forward to what God has in store for the association. Most of you know that I was approved to serve as acting Associational Mission Strategist (AMS) for this year, so I would first ask you to pray for God's wisdom and guidance as I do my best to lead in this capacity. I know there is some concern about my age & experience, but I want you to know that I am committed to investing in relationships, sharpening myself, and following God's leadership as I mature into the AMS this association deserves. 


I can't help but think of David in Scripture who, at the time was young & inexperienced, boldly stood before the giant with complete faith that he would overcome. Did he have the training the other soldiers had? No. Did he use the tools that other soldiers did? No. Did anyone believe that he could make a difference? No. But what David brought to the table was a heart for the Lord, a compassion for His people, and a humble desire to be used by God. 

I believe I bring the same factors to the table that David did: I have a heart for God and ministry, I have a passion for the local church and the community, and I am a willing vessel for God to use as He sees fit, not to glorify myself, but to magnify the name of Jesus. 

There are three areas of focus that I would like to concentrate on this year:

  1. Relationships​​

    • I want to get to know our pastors & churches better, offer resources to help grow their ministry, and find ways to serve them weekly.

    • I want to help churches meet goals and needs so that they are equipped for ministry in their surrounding community

    • I'll be visiting churches on Sunday evenings, going to VBS, getting involved with mission projects, and attending luncheons as invited. 

  2. Community

    • We will strive to work together as one unified body of believers

    • We, as the body, will find ways to serve the local community

    • I want to get involved with other associations in our region & state

  3. Learning

    • I am partnering with members of the TBMB & SBC for help in this new role

    • I will connect with NAMB & IMB to learn more about local & oversees missions

    • I am receiving training & resources to help me grow personally, but also as a leader

I want to extend an invitation for you to come by the office anytime you'd like. I'd love the chance to meet you and chat; however, because of the multiple roles I'll be fulfilling, I ask that you to give me a call to make sure I'm not running an errand or working at Camp Smoky.  I plan to be in the office during the same hours I have been thus far, so we shouldn't have any issues. Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated, and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to serve you!

Justin Johnson